Did you say sales attitude?
…. But what does that mean exactly?

The skills you have to put together in order to be a professional in sales are very diverse. They take on a new dimension altogether when you work in complex and rapidly evolving environments like the life science and healthcare industries.

Within this context, there is a need for a scientific background. Besides knowledge, the major important skills are:

  • communicational and soft skills
  • analytical skills
  • selling skills

Behind the company name ‘Sales’Attitude’ a good mix of all of these is definitively present. But, do you want to know what inspired the company name ‘Sales’Attitude’?

The human side of the role! You can be brillant with your sales techniques, if you do not have the human touch, you do not have the right sales attitude. Working as a sales professional, there is one key thread the utmost importance to follow: building trust with your customers. Trust sets the tone in the way we interact with our customers. Trust is fundamental. Without trust there is no true interaction.

Developing your Sales Attitude is a very personal thing.

It is a matter of being completely authentic; of aligning your soul, your mind and your body in order to pass on the message to the customer. At all time, consider your customers, not only showing empathy for and interest in them but also an understanding of their own picture of the world. All of these trigger a connection in a minute and build a safe environment.

Which other qualities are important?

  • Be tenacious but do not push too hard
  • Embrace adversity and be positive-minded
  • Be pro-active, result oriented and solution-driven
  • Be adaptable and flexible

Stay connected with your customers, prepare well, put a bit of structure and strategy in your approach, work on your selling skills…. and the results will follow!

Selling is definitively not easy but if you look at the human side of the role selling is certainly fun!

At Sales’Attitude, we enable healthcare companies to build trust with their customer in order to boost their sales. Tell us what are your sales challenges, we are here to support you!

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