What are the implications of Covid-19 for the biomedical or medtech industries? For you as a sales professional in the healthcare industry how has this exceptional crisis changed your sales approach overnight?

Dynamic industries acting on patient needs.

While our values are being changed by the situation, healthcare, if it was not already the unfortunate case, will become a post-crisis priority for our society.

This terrible crisis offers us five re-affirmations of our healthcare market indicators:

  • A complete industry at the service of the patients
  • The extremely high engagement of people and teams
  • Creativity, technical innovations and extremely rapid adjustments to meet hospitals’ and patients’ needs, leading to market access in record time
  • Stakeholders acting in accordance with good business continuity practices and remaining calm
  •  A need for digitalisation platforms in order to train healthcare professionals rapidly, enable patient consultations, improve logistics, connect, share, etc.… In less than a month we have made a huge jump in digitalisation needs within the healthcare industry. Tomorrow’s mind-set will certainly not go backwards.

Are you a sales professional? Did you align your sales approach and behaviours to today’s unforeseen situation?

Today’s situation is not a ‘business as usual’ situation. What changes are needed in your daily job during this situation? As a sales professional how do you navigate them, despite face-to-face conversations being your favourite way of interacting with our customers?

  • Show compassion and empathy for your customers, listen to them, love them, deliver the best buyer experience, first serve them and only then sell
  • Go for long-term approaches because the sales process is now slower and harder
  • Switch to an inside sales strategy including close coaching of your teams
  • Take time to digitally train your teams or conduct digital coaching sessions; this training could be on every layers of their daily job: product knowledge, sales techniques or digital sales conversation know-how, etc.…
  • Create re-engagement offer packages in order to reconnect with past customers or stay in contact with current customers

At Sales’Attitude, we support healthcare companies. Together we build trust with your customers. In this extremely fast-changing environments, tell us your sales challenges, we are here to support you!

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